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Macfarlane Law offers dynamic legal representation in the areas of entertainment, new media and technology.

Entertainment, new media, and technology are driven by ideas. Just as a great athlete makes a sport look easy,   an idea’s inception appears from nowhere, seemingly requiring no effort. Yet most of today’s businesses are driven by ideas. Manufacturing may play a part, but it is merely the implementation of ideas that have been reduced to practice. Without the idea, manufacturing is simply a group of people standing in a row with nothing to do.

Despite the phenomenal value of intellectual property it is often misunderstood and therefore overlooked and undervalued. Intellectual property is likely a company’s greatest asset. Properly protected and exploited intellectual property is the fuel of modern business.

Intellectual property’s ephemeral quality has resulted in a complex, nuanced area of law. Sophisticated legal representation in this area is essential to the success of a company.

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